DOBRZESZOWSKA MOUNTAIN – Mountain (367,5 m n.p.m.) crowning the Łysogórskie Range from the west, constituting a former Slavic cult center used for astronomical observations.

W VIII-IX w. the top of the mountain was surrounded 4 incomplete oval stone embankments, high on 1,66 m. These embankments surrounded a central boulder, on which it is engraved 2 crescents and the sun. The gaps in the embankments and the preserved remains of the stairs indicate two paths: eastern and western, leading from the foot of the mountain to the wilderness. Perhaps they were used by separate groups of believers (priests and people). Outside the inner shaft, near the west entrance, there was an oblong stone serving as a sacrificial altar. However, the main celebrations took place on the eastern side, where a fallen menhir was found at the entrance to the embankment, high originally on 1,8 m. Before him, there are traces of burning fires. According to archaeologists, G.D. it was a solar sanctuary, and the rites performed in it, like climbing a mountain and making sacrifices, were associated with the summer solstice. A niche was also found on the western side of the embankment, from which the sunrise over the top of the nearby Siwiecka Mountain was observed, where an analogous cult complex was discovered.