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Rome- sightseeing routes

Rome- sightseeing routes.

Before starting the tour, it is best to make a list of what you want to see and mark these objects on the map, aby się przekonać gdzie się znajdują i jak najlepiej będzie nam się przemieszczać pomiędzy nimi



Rome- Eternal City- it lies in the central part of the Apennine Peninsula, in Lazio. City, located on the left bank of the Tiber, since the dawn of its history, it has played a key commercial and strategic role. Rome is comprised of seven hills, które

Shopping in Rome

Whenever I'm on vacation, I look forward to this moment, when, after the hardships of sightseeing 😉 with a clear conscience, I can indulge in the madness of shopping 😉 Rome is a dream city for this. Usually we don't know where to start, czy od zwiedzania wspaniałych ruin

Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums powstały ze zbiorów dzieł sztuki zgromadzonych przez poszczególnych papieży. The beginnings of the collection are related to the collection of works collected by Sixtus IV and Julius II. Enlarged during the pontificates of successive popes. Made available to the public already in 1787 w celu pogłębienia znajomości sztuki


widok z kopuły Bazyliki Św. Peter towards the Castle of St.. Angel
view from the bridge over the Tiber towards the Vatican City State, in the background you can see the dome of St.. Peter

Vatican, on. Vatican CITY, it is the smallest country in the world in terms of area. From

Trastevere – Trastevere

Tyber, view of Trastevere from the St. Angelo Bridge

Trastevere (on. Trastevere) – part of Rome located on the left bank of the Tiber. In ancient times it was inhabited by the poorest. It is considered to be the oldest part of Rome.

Here we will not find crowds of tourists with cameras or luxurious boutiques,

St.. Angel

St.. Angel (on. Sant'Angelo castel), it was intended as the tomb of Emperor Hadrian, his family and successors. Built on the left bank of the Tiber near the Vatican in 139 year. St.. Angel (Ponte SantAngelo) na którego balustradach umieszczono


Panteon, chluba Rzymu, known and admired by everyone, it is the only example of classical architecture in Rome, which has survived to this day in an unchanged form. Opposite the entrance to the Pantheon, na Piazza della Rotonda mieści się piękna fontanna zaprojektowana przez Giacomo della Porta wraz

Fontanna di Trevi

Location: Rome, Poli Palace
date of creation: 1732- 1751
Project: Niccolo Salvi
Fontanna di Trevi; ARCHITECT: Niccolo Salvi

The Trevi Fountain is the largest baroque fountain in Rome. Designed by Niccolo Salvi, wykonana w marmurze, is a joint work of great baroque sculptors.