You should not judge, that Canadian, which uses French, full of charm and 18th-century constructions, resembles a French. He is much more like the Americans, with which he has a lifestyle, vitality and entrepreneurship.

Striving for success is the driving force behind the actions of every Canadian, and it is this success, and the material standard of life determines his social position. First of all, the position, not social origin, decides about environmental affiliation, and hierarchical subtleties, typical of, for example, French society, in Canada they do not exist. Canada is a middle class country with a wide range of incomes. Lifestyle depends on earnings.

The Canadian is welcoming, gladly accepts friends at home, though rather after dinner, which is the easiest to eat – in the kitchen, and around six in the evening. The day starts very early here, dinner is eaten instantly, so the guests come rather for a chat and a glass of wine, and around eleven o'clock in the evening they are usually served with cookies, which means, that the meeting is slowly coming to an end. Little is drunk of wine, almost never with a meal, but guests are always offered an aperitif and coffee.

There is no formalism in the lives of Canadians, although you should come to the office wearing a tie (to take off his jacket immediately afterwards), kissing the hand is an unknown habit, handshakes are not always exchanged. It goes easy on you. Decorations remain in the home drawer. We will find out from the business card, who is the engineer, doctor, what function it performs. Simplicity and efficiency are the basic principles of savoir-vivre. Only in the evenings, going to a restaurant, you have to dress a little more stylishly, but even then you can put on rubber boots, so as not to be scared by the sudden rain. At home, the most important thing is comfort.

Sticking to the French language is an expression of attachment to the traditions of ancestors. The television broadcasts programs in French. Canadians have a rich vocabulary, charming accent, but a native Frenchman should not get confused, will find out quickly, that certain words and phrases have different meanings here.