SPIRE MOUNTAIN (847 m n.p.m.) – the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Snow under the peak of Mount Igliczna in the Massif of Śnieżnik (Eastern Sudetes), in the Archdiocese of Wrocław.

Do 1956 The priests from the parish in Wilkanów took care of the pastoral care here, then in the years 1956-1976 The Society of Christ for the Polish Diaspora Abroad, then in years 1977-1987 oo. redemptoryści, and from 1988 diocesan priests again.

About 1750 on the tree, which grew on the slope of G.I., a figurine of Mother of God was placed (Mary of the Snows).

It was a copy of the Madonna of Mariazell brought in 1750 by Krzysztof Veit, inhabitant of Wilkanów. The statue of Maria Śnieżna Cause of Our Joy is made of linden wood and is tall 30 cm.

W 1776 the figurine was moved to a wooden chapel, built in the place of the present rectory. Many wonderful things happened soon, m.in.

26 June 1777 Lawrence Frank's son regained his sight. Then in the years 1781-1782 a church was built. MB Śnieżna. Has been sacrificed 22 October 1782 by Fr.. Karola Wintera, vicar general, Archbishop of Prague. W 1821 a way of the cross was built leading to the top. The initiator of the construction was Fr.. Larisch. A rosary road was also built along the trail leading from the dam in Międzygórze.

The durability of the cult of Our Lady of the Snow is evidenced by the fact that the figure was crowned by Pope John Paul II during his stay in Wrocław 21 June 1983. Earlier, the Pope made a pilgrimage to Mount Igliczna in August 1961 i 1968.

The main religious celebration: MB Śnieżna (5 of August).