MOUNTAIN JAWOR (720 m n.p.m.) -a place of worship for the Orthodox and Greek Catholic people, w zach. parts of the Low Beskids, south of Wysowa, on the Polish-Slovak border.

In the forest north of the Jawor peak, at the place of the apparition of Our Lady, erected in 1929 chapel. The place is especially worshiped by the Lemko people.

W 1925 Our Lady appeared to the poor widow, who lost her husband in the war. One night the widow was crossing the border illegally, to get to the family in Cigellce and fetch some food for their children from there. The Mother of God appeared to her in the beech crown. The widow heard advice, to come home, and the children will be satisfied. Immediately after her return, she was unexpectedly visited by her cousin from a distant village.

More and more pilgrims came to the place of the apparition. A chapel was built soon, which was consecrated by the Uniate bishop of Przemyśl, Jozafat Kocyłowski.

Chapel services are held twice a year: 12 July and 14 October. In addition to Greek Catholics, Orthodox people also make pilgrimages here, who also recognize Mount Jawor as their holy place.