Wieliczka salt mine

Wieliczka salt mine

Darkness all around. The tallow lamp casts a faint light, which gives you visibility just a few steps ahead. Something creaked at the rear, tearing the poignant silence. It's the groan of a wooden structure or something else? The weak flame of the torch is slowly dying out. You have to hurry up. You are not at home - it is an alien world, whose secret he wants to steal. You are only a guest, someone from the outside, who disturbs the eternal order, eternal silence, eternal silence.

What is it about? About the salt mine in Wieliczka. Here, the past and the future come together. Here tradition and modernity intertwine. The historic Wieliczka salt mine hides fascinating secrets. The life of St.. Kingi, The treasurer and his daughter - the White Virgin and the underground gnomes, where faith was to provide security and protection. Is said to be, that the dwarfs are still there ... but to find out you have to go on a journey, during which we will not only visit the oldest mine, but we will also get to know its legends.

The "Wieliczka" salt mine has been operating continuously since the 13th century. Eksploatowane przez setki lat wyrobiska solne przypominają huge, a maze hidden under the town. It is arranged on nine levels, the last of which is at depth 327 meters. The underground Wieliczka has over 300 sidewalks and 300 chambers! Do zwiedzania udostępniona jest natomiast 3,5km trasa, whose lowest section is located 135 meters underground. There is a constant temperature underground 14 degrees. Numerous salt caves, underground lakes, mysterious corridors, sculptures and bas-reliefs delight with their beauty. No wonder then, almost a million tourists visit the mine every year.

Do you know, that:

  • the search for the oldest shaft in the Wieliczka salt mine is currently underway. Archaeologists hope to find the lost 13th century Goryszowski Shaft, so far you can hear only legendary stories,
  • in addition to the popular hiking trail, for those who are thirsty for thrills, there is also a geological route - "Secrets of the Wieliczka Mine". Tourists equipped with professional mining equipment and working clothes, in the dark and cold they cover over six kilometers of corridors and chambers,
  • voices come from time to time from the scientific community, that the mine is in danger of collapsing. The risk of flooding it with water increases. A few years ago, w 1992 year, the catastrophe has already threatened the existence of the Wieliczka salt mine.

Tours of the mine are available in Polish and in a foreign language. Przy czym w wypadku turystów grupowych, including foreigners, advance booking is required. There, who would like to stay longer in this amazing place, znajdą na terenie kopalni nocleg w ekskluzywnym hotelu.