Cycling in Cyprus

Cycling in Cyprus



For these, who intend to travel across the Island of Aphrodite on two wheels.

The most important cycling routes in Cyprus are around 50. They both differ in the degree of difficulty, length and height above sea level. There are mountain bike routes, cyclists as well as light excursion routes with a beautiful landscape.

The island is perfect for cycling tours, especially in the fall, in winter and spring, that is, between October and April. The temperature then varies between 15 a 25°C, and the average rainfall is low compared to other European countries.
See weather in Cyprus Information!
I advise against trips in the summer, I think, that we are planning to lose weight quickly by dehydration.


We can take the bike from Poland, air transport to Cyprus costs, depending on the airline, approx: 20 €, and back again 20 €. Or rent it

Prices for renting a bike on 1 day:
from 3 € do 24 € (depending on the class of the bike)
Usually a medium quality mountain bike is included 7 € / day.
Bicycles are for hire, at many car rental companies or hotels, there is no problem finding such a place, there are such points in every tourist destination.

Remember that not all rentals are available for rent : pump, patches, spare dentists, chain oil!
We will get patches in many stores (hidden in strange places on the shelves) Unfortunately, the pump and oil are difficult to get due to the small number of bicycle shops.

Some hotels have a weekly package (good-class bike rental, Technical Support, use of storage rooms, washing and servicing bicycles in hotels, three several-hour guided tours to selected places, t-shirt, water, medical assistance, insurance etc.): about 160 €. The package can be purchased at travel agencies or directly at the cycling center.


What to look for, what to take with you

  • Circular traffic is left-hand
  • Moving in a group, we have to stick to one another
  • Cycling is allowed everywhere except the highways
  • We ride in a protective helmet
  • Sunglasses with a 40 UV filter
  • Gloves
  • Warm, windproof clothing
  • Let's take bike repair tools: pump, the keys, spare inner tubes, patches and glue and chain lubricant
  • Let's remember about the first aid kit, and in her: bandage, headband, slices, carbon, painkillers
  • Let's take the brochure “Cyprus – Cycling Routes”
  • Tourist information points: Limassol, Agia Napa, Nicosia (tel. 22 44 33 74), Larnaca (tel. 24 15 43 22)
  • Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO), Warsaw, pl. Dąbrowskiego 1 Cyprus. Cyclists Federation
  • Area code phone for Cyprus +357
  • tel. to the police 112

read about roads :“Road Traffic Regulations In Cyprus- Differences”

CAUTION: Cypriot drivers do not consider the cyclist as an equal user of traffic!
…… They will ignore and create dangerous situations, let's be prepared for it.


where the information about the routes comes from

At the offices of the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) you'll get it for free, good brochures, guides and maps, on bicycle routes around Cyprus.

  • It is the most popular and the best at the same time: “Cyprus.Cycling Routes” it is described in English there, until 39 routes in various parts of the island. With altitude chart maps, difficulties etc..
  • The next recommended suggestion is a map and guide “Troodos – Cycling Routes” . They are described there (with great accurate map), a set of routes around the Troodos Mountains. The proposed routes there are more touristic – cruise, than mountain – competitive,
    but if we want to do something fun by bike, in Cyprus, then I recommend this set of routes.
    For this set in “Troodos -Cycling Routes” you can add and take a bike on 20 trekking routes.

I personally drive off-road, orienting myself with the help of maps of different quality.