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The tourist must respect the past, traditions, irritability of the inhabitants of these countries with a centuries-old history. Let us mark, that we will meet here with extraordinary hospitality.

For many expressions of courtesy, for example compliments, one must respond eagerly. Zachowanie mieszkańca Maghrebu



There is no point in pretending, that Zarzis is one of the most exciting cities in the country – the coast north of the city is the newest "tourist belt" in Tunisia.

Money – Banks are concentrated in the city center around Place de la Jeunesse.…



The locals believe, that Djerba is the mythical island of Lotophages, where Odysseus, as the Odyssey of Homer says, stopped, to rest, and then he could not encourage his crew to return to the boat. If it's not just a legend, to obecni mieszkańcy wyspy są



Tataouine is one of the main administrative centers of the Ksour region, but not very interesting from a tourist point of view. It's a town after all, which is best to come to during the fair days (Mon-Thu).

post office, resembling a TV tower, is situated at the southern end of Av. Habib

Ksour – Medenine

Both Medenine, and Tatauine are uninteresting modern administrative centers, at the center of the fascinating southern Ksour region.

Ksar is a fortified Berber stronghold consisting of many gorfas (two-, three-story granaries). The Berbers originally built gorfas solely for the storage of grain, but …