Climbing walls in Cyprus

Climbing walls in Cyprus

Ścianek wspinaczkowych na wyspie jest nie za wiele a dokładnie są two i obie w Nicosii.

?- Apparently one is in Limassol but the author is still there ( if it really exists) did not find.

Although the addresses would suggest that there are walls in distant parts of the capital ( different names of the districts ), after reaching the place, it turns out that they are about a 10-minute walk away from each other. Both are in the back of the climbing shops ( the only ones on the island ). The walls aren't big either, neither impressive but enough for professional training.

1. the first face is in :

adress: Mountain Sports & Rescue , 41 B Acropoles str. Strovolos, 2006 Lefkosia,

tel: (+357) 22 3142 52, car: (+357) 99 427892 jest to centrum Klubu Wysokogórskiego.

(it's in the Strovols district, but it's actually on the border with Acropolis, near the oncology hospitalO)

2. the other face is in :

adress: Get Out Rock Climbing Gym , 18A Arsinoes Ave. Acropolis, 2006 Lefkosia

(is a competitive sports store for the Cypriot Mountaineering Club).

Nicosii map – at the bottom of the map is the Akropolis district, specially the map is from the venetian walls for better orientation.