Communication in South Cyprus

Communication in South Cyprus

HOW TO MOVE ON CYPRUS (both sides)

Buses between cities (…cheaply)

Buses in Cyprus are relatively cheap means of transport.
Personally, I was driving from Paphos from the bus station located in the upper part of town .
It is the main bus station in Paphos, there is a booth where he gives us information.
There are several public transport companies in Paphos
, in this article we will focus on OSEA and IntercityBuses.

I used the services of IntercityBuses
I was pleased, it's worth to come 10-15 min earlier because they like to leave faster.
The cost of this company's ticket is 3euro one way per 5 euro we have a full day bus of your choice..
I attach a timetable to the article, The drivers mostly speak English.
There are no complications when buying, so we say what ticket we need:
single- single ( one way)
one day- all day
weekly – weekly
monthly- monthly
annual – annual

(below is old already slightly out-of-date article about buses will soon be corrected or deleted)

COACHES. Between cities and larger towns, southern Cyprus, several times (about 7 times) during the day (on Sunday 2 times) there are "long-distance" buses of various lines. They are indeed, as it usually happens here, not too punctual but ticket prices are low ( from Paphos to Limassol = € 8 or € 7). The ticket is bought from the driver.

Unfortunately, it happens that the driver does not want to go and the course on that day … there is no :-). A common practice is the departure of Fr. 5 and even 8 minutes ahead of schedule always be 10 minutes before departure !!!

The author has not yet deciphered the rules according to which buses travel to the countryside. Usually it is a combination of a gimbus with a regional course. It is possible that by luck you may manage to take it away.
I, personally, would not count on bus transport to the countryside.

Bus stations are hard to find in cities; they are small, without explicit information, in the most bizarre places, and in addition, different lines have their own stations in remote parts of the cities. Something like a central-main station is practically non-existent.
The easiest way to find them is with free city ​​maps (the maps are of very good quality) which we will get at the offices of the Cyprus Tourism Organization CTO (Cyprus Tourism Organisation), as we ask for them. And here we will get all the full information needed for an ordinary tourist.
There is such a lack of information, because Cypriots mostly (about 80%) they travel in their own cars, and they don't know where these stations are anymore. And the tourist is planned to be addicted to the car rental company.

Usually you have to ask older Cypriots - they remember where the buses start from, but often they don't speak English again.

Bus stations: there are a lot of them. They are standing because the European Union gives money for their construction, but it is difficult to find a timetable there. Sometimes a bus stops here, they usually serve as a landscape decoration (it does not apply to city bus stops, they run, maybe not in europejsku, but they can be comfortably reached).


  • "A.LE.PA" – Tel: +357 99 625 027 runs between major cities: Nicosia »Limasol» Larnaca »Paphos;
  • "NEA AMOROSA" – Tel: +357 26 936 822, runs between Paphos »Polis, and to the villages in the district of Paphos »Limasol
  • “INTERCITY BUSES (Green Buses) “; – Tel: +357 24 643 492 runs; Larnaca» Nicosia» Limassol» Larnaca» Ayia Napa.
  • “ALEPA Ltd “ – Tel: +357 99 625 027 runs between; Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos.
  • “LEOPA BUS SERVICE“ – Tel.: +357 23821318 runs; Paralimni» Protaras» Ayia Napa» Larnaca.


CITY BUSES(cheaply – sure)

There are city bus lines in the cities, (that run to nearby towns as well), admittedly, they do not run on time, which is difficult to check as there is no timetable anywhere, just information, that he should be running now, every 15 minutes. If we actually wait about 20 minutes, then the bus will come, almost certainly and he'll take us.

City buses are usually new and comfortable with air conditioning, what is important in Cyprus.

  • Ticket price approx 1,00€ do 3,50€

The city bus won't take us to the rocks, but after gathering good information, will take us to some other line near the Bus Station, or a bouldering site.

lub Transurban Service (Shared) Taxis
(…cheap and safe)

MINIBUSES.The most popular and the safest means of transport in Cyprus are multi-person buses – Service Taxi.
They run between cities (Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, Pafos, Police, Agia Napa) but they often deviate – they commute to various villages, at the passenger's request.
Fares are fixed and low (e.g.. w 2008r. Larnaca – Limassol = 9,00 €).
You can such a Bus order by phone, in the hotel, or directly at the appropriate office.
Buses run every half hour on weekdays, and in rush hour even what 15 minutes.

Usually minibus drivers don't want to go to the airport (war with taxi drivers) so from the aviator, upon arrival, a taxi is taken in a few people to the Bus office (e.g.. to the largest and most popular – Travel & Express) and from there we go cheaper deeper into the island.

If you are in more than that 8 people, it can be profitable to rent such a bus, to take you to the rocks.

here you have the Travel website & Express

Telefony do Travel & Express;

  • Universal for the main office +357 77777474

If the main office is not picking up, call us:

  • Larnaca +357 24 661010
  • Limassol +357 25 877666
  • Paphos +357 26 923800

What does the order look like and go to practice by bus?

      1. -We call the office of such buses, e.g.. Travel & Express tel. 77 77 74 74. In English (simplified) or in Greek. We inform you where exactly we want to go (e.g.. do Pafos) and where we will be exactly waiting for the bus, (e.g.. on the street by the cafe “Flo Cafe” or at the house on Makariosa Street No. 3) and how many people are going to go. They tell us (simplified English) that the bus will come to the place behind 15 or 20 minutes.
      2. -Once the bus is in place, he horns his horn that there is a signal for you to notice him. You get in and say again where you want to go exactly (e.g. to Paphos on Georgosa Street next to the Papaantonio store).
      3. -If the bus does not go to your address;
        it brings you to the place where it takes you after a few minutes (and often right away) another bus. These places can be very strange ( e.g. in the middle of a highway, cafe in some hotel, orange orchard in the field) but usually it's near some store.
        Each driver charges you for his route
  • -If you order on the spot, (e.g.. from the countryside), off their route, they inform you that you will pay more 2 or 5 €