Dąbrówka Kościelna

DĄBRÓWKA KOŚCIELNA – village 34 located 34 km west of Gniezno, in the Archdiocese of Gniezno. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Dąbrowiec is under the care of diocesan priests.

Tradition gives, that Our Lady appeared on the oak. This event gave rise to pilgrimages to Dąbrówka Kościelna. The present image of Our Lady of Dąbrowiec is the fifth copy of the first image in a row (painted by prof. Leonard Torwirt) and is venerated in the church in Dąbrowa 1956. In terms of iconography, the image of Our Lady of Dąbrowiec is a copy of the image of Our Lady of Jasna Góra. It is distinguished from the original by the lack of scars on the cheek of Our Lady and her gentle expression on her face. The previous four images from the church of. Of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Dąbrówka Kościelna were destroyed during fires. The first one happened in 1774, and the other in 1925. The third painting in turn, dedicated to v 1927, it was destroyed in September 1939. The fourth picture, painted by E. Szyfter, placed in the church of St. 1947.

The image of Our Lady of Dąbrowiec was crowned by Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński 15 June 1969. On the night of 6 on 7 of December 1989 papal crowns and votive offerings were stolen. The image was crowned again 26 June 1994. The cult of Our Lady of Dąbrowiec is known in Greater Poland, in Kujawy and Pomerania.