Oak tree – sanctuary of Our Lady of La Salette located in the diocese of Rzeszów, 8 km south of Jaslo.

The largest center in Poland that spreads the cult of the Crying Lady of La Salette, venerated especially as the Reconciler of Sinners. W 1 846 In the small French village of La Salette, the Mother of God appeared to the two children of Melania and Maximinus and in the face of the calamities that awaited mankind, she begged for conversion. This message became known throughout the Christian world thanks to the one called by St. 1852 Congregation of the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette (nitrites). Saletinians came to Poland by St. 1902 i w 1910 they founded a religious institution in Dębowiec. A year later, they built a convent here and placed a painting of Our Lady of La Salette in the convent chapel. The first figure of the Weeping Mother of God was founded in 1926.

W 1929 a Saletian Calvary was built on the sanctuary square, showing the three phases of revelation:

The confusing mary, talking to children and soaring to heaven. Even before the war, in years 1936-1939, the construction of the church began, dedicated to v 1941. In the history of the sanctuary, several images of Our Lady of La Salette were venerated.


The present figure was placed in the Chapel of the Weeping Mother of God in 1960 in connection with the 50th anniversary of the stay of nitrites in Dębowiec. W 1996, on the 150th anniversary of the apparitions at La Salette, it was solemnly crowned by Fr.. Archbishop Józef Kowalczyk, Apostolic Nuncio in Poland in the presence of the Primate of Poland, Card. Józef Glemp, many bishops, numerous clergy and thousands of pilgrims. Earlier images of Our Lady of La Salette were transferred to other centers, giving rise to new Saletian sanctuaries on Polish soil (Rzeszow, Sobieszewo k. Gdansk). The history of the sanctuary in Dębowiec reflects the constantly growing cult of the Weeping Lady. Protectorate over the celebrated St. 1947 the 100th anniversary of the apparitions was taken over by the Primate of Poland, kard. August Hlond. Expiatory services in honor of Mary of La Salette were held in many dioceses at that time. W 1972, at the end of the Jubilee Year (125-the summer of the apparitions, 120-the anniversary of the foundation of the saltetite order and the 70th anniversary of their stay in Poland) great ceremonies were held in Dębowiec with the participation of Primate Stefan Wyszyński and card. Karol Wojtyła. W 1977 the Primate approved the form of the mass on Our Lady of the Saletian Reconciler of Sinners. Since its inception, the center has been carrying out lively pastoral and retreat activities. From 1982 Every Wednesday there is a constant novena to Our Lady of La Salette, during which the prayers and thanks made by worshipers are read (in 1982— 1992: more than 14 thousand. requests and over 4 thousand. thanks). In the summer months (from May to October) there are all-night saletian vigils. Most pilgrims come to the pilgrimage ceremonies: on the third Sunday of September (anniversary of the apparitions) and on the third Sunday of May.