GIDLE – sanctuary of Our Lady of Gidle

GIDLE – sanctuary of Our Lady of Gidle, patroness of farmers and miners, located in the archdiocese of Częstochowa, about 13 km south of Radomska.

The figure of the Mother of God with Child, famous for its graces, is only there 9 cm high and carved in stone.

The beginnings of the Sanctuary of Mother of God Gidelska go back a year 1516, When is it, as the legend says, local farmer - Jan Czeczek, during the field work, he found a small statue of the Virgin Mary. Without telling anyone about it, he put it in the chest, for which he was punished soon - all household members lost their sight together with him. Neighbors, pitying the unhappy family, they hired them a pious woman. During the daily housework, she felt the smell of incense emanating from the chest. After opening it, she saw the light emanating from the figurine lying there. The terrified woman told the whole event to the local parish priest. The priest went to Czeczka's house, took out the statuette, cleansed and washed it. Jan Czeczek and his family washed their eyes with the water left over after washing the statue and soon everyone regained their sight. In memory of this event, to this day, once a year in May, the miraculous figure is washed in wine, called a bath. This wine is taken home by pilgrims. It is supposed to have a miraculous healing power, so does the holy water of Lourdes.

Initially, the statue of Our Lady Gidelska was placed in a wooden cross, and then in a wooden chapel built as a votive offering by owner G.. Marcin Gidzielski.

Gidle – Miraculous Statue of Our Lady of Gidle in the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

A dozen or so years later a brick church was built, and then a monastery, in which in 1615 they settled o. Dominicans. This year also began to write down the graces received through the intercession of Mary Gidelska. W 1616 the figure was officially recognized by the church authorities as miraculous, a w 1651 Archbishop of Gniezno, Maciej Łubieński, confirmed the authenticity of the miracles.

The Gidle sanctuary was the most popular in the 17th and 18th centuries., when the most miracles were recorded. The present church of St.. Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the chapel of Our Lady of Gidle.

From the very beginning, this center functioned as a sacred place visited by numerous pilgrims. In the past, it was also visited by Polish kings: Władysław IV Waza, Jan II Kazimierz and Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki.

The coronation of the miraculous figure was the confirmation of the cult's vitality, which was made by the bishop of Włocławek Stanisław Zdzitowiecki 19 of August 1923. This celebration gathered 300 thousand. faithful and over 100 priests.

Currently, the sanctuary is still one of the main centers of Marian cult in the Archdiocese of Częstochowa, reaching beyond the boundaries of the diocese (numerous pilgrims from Silesia).

The main indulgence ceremonies gathering numerous pilgrims are: first Sunday of May (on the anniversary of the discovery of the figurine – "Bathing"), Wniebowzięcie NMP (15 of August), st. Jacket (sunday after 17 of August) and Our Lady of the Rosary (first Sunday in October).