How to get to Cyprus

or: How to get to the island?


How to fly?

By plane to Cyprus

There are four airports in southern Cyprus:

Nicossia (small and rarely used) ,

Larnaca,(new good rebuilt airport )

Pafos (new not big modern rebuilt airport )

Ercan (airport on the Turkish side )

WITH Warsaw you can fly to Cyprus at the airport Larnaca (oferta LOT code-share z Cyprus Airways, Larnaca LCA – 5 km from the city center). Or after changing somewhere in Western Europe to an airport Pafos (Paphos PFO – 15 km from the city).From Eastern European countries, planes fly to Larnaca, from Western Europe to Paphos.
– W Larnace the best way to get to the city center is by taxi, or go on “Intercity Buses – Green Bus” ( stop and office “Intercity Buses 100m from the airport building to the left. The bus will take us to the center of Larnaca to Agios Lazaros Square, which is Saint Lazarus Square, the center of monuments, not far from the fort in the former turkish quarter, unfortunately far from any offices).
– w Pafos not far from the airport there is a city bus stop. line ALEPA no.# 612, it goes making a loop in the center, all through Paphos to Coral Bay (price for a wheel 3 € or 1 €).
If we go further, it is cheaper, take a taxi to the Travel Express bus station and change to a minibus. Bus drivers do not want to go to the airport because of the war with taxi drivers.

how to order such a Bus in practice, see -> “Communication in Cyprus - Selling Bus”

There are direct flights from Warsaw to Larnaca three times a week.
The journey takes approx. 3,5 at. Ticket price (round-trip) from approx. 1000PLN to 1800 PLN. upwards (depending on the season).

In year 2011 in the spring, prices dropped to 200 euro Katowice – Pafos – Katowice!!!! but in the summer the price was even 700 euro.

You can also get to Cyprus directly from Poland by charter flight, especially in the summer season. For example, travel agents charter planes from the Cypriot Eurocypria airlines. Tickets for charter flights are mainly distributed through travel agencies,
e.g.. Cypriot travel agency “ or on the website We also recommend
Prices for charter flights vary greatly, depending on the season, but as a rule cheaper than 1000 PLN. (round-trip).

You can also travel by air to Larnaca or Paphos with other airlines, with a change at any European airport, or directly from there.
There are also connecting flights with low-cost airlines, e.g.. from Berlin, Dresden, Hamburg (Condor, AIR 41, Eurocypria) or from Prague (Smart Wings) or Budapest. Ticket prices are within limits 100 – 250 euro.
There are cheap connections with a change in Kiev and Athens.

Ticket prices depend on the season and the demand for the flight, you have to check for yourself what is most beneficial at the moment.

On the Turkish side there is Ercan airport near Nicosia. W 2011 some travel agencies from Poland and Germany offered cheap flights to the Turkish side … only the tourist needs to know that he is doing it at his own risk.

Polish Consulate of the day 09 July 2011 in Nicosia said that:

Due to the repeated cases of organizing tourist stays of Polish citizens on the territory of the so-called. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs, that:

  1. Poland, just like other EU countries, does not maintain diplomatic relations with the so-called. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
  2. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs draws attention, that the airports located in the so-called. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are not admitted to international air traffic, which is an element of high risk for the security of Polish citizens.
  3. The so-called. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is not a party to the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963, the most important in consular matters of an international agreement. There is also no other agreement regulating the exercise of consular functions in this territory. Means, that the exercise of consular care over Polish citizens residing in the territory of the so-called. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, is not possible.

Please take these facts into account when making decisions about tourist trips to the so-called. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Marcin Bosacki
MFA press spokesman

It does not change the fact that there are airlines that fly there and they are for cheap tickets. And there are people who praise it.