Ineia – lower rocks – Climbing in Cyprus

Ineia – lower rocks – Climbing in Cyprus

The rocks are on the southern slope of the mountain with a Cypriot army base right on the concrete road from the village of Ineia to the beach of Lara. (on tourist maps, the base is not marked and full of old, out-of-date signposts to Lara). Antennas (radars), from the base they are visible from 8km.

Rock is a very hard sandstone with excellent friction. Rock height up to 45m. The area practically consists of two rock massifs, one is long and very long, the second is characterized by a long overhang wall.

From Paphos we go to Pegeia, potem do Kathikas, and then through the villages of Kato and Pano Arodes, do wsi Ineia. ,
In ineia at the intersection with the road on Druseia (main intersection in the village) we turn left (South) down, after 500m, the asphalt road should turn into a concrete road (is the information that we are on the right track), we follow this road until we reach the rocks after 3 km. There are many convenient parking spaces.

If we go straight in the village of Ineia, we will get to the area of ​​Gerakopetra which is on the same mountain on the other side, and you can try to go by dirt – gravel road, which is under the military base next to the driveway to Gerakopetra.

Access is not difficult, unfortunately without markings and you have to follow your intuition.

Beware of the Akamas Peninsula ( the village of Ineia belongs to Akamasu) there are signposts for Lara from the time of the British colony which, now they are leading nowhere. It is better to ask for directions than to drive to the deserted corners of the peninsula.

Read markings ;
(no.)= 1. (road name) = Millennium (insurance) [2p + A] = two points (spity / ringi) + downhill ride – Anchor-encore stance.
TOPO will be completed after consultation with the road creator A. Andreu ( should appear after 1 April ) for now there are no ways to not correct mistakes later.

high up to 20m
10. no name E3 / 7b+ trad
11. no name VS 5b+ trad
12. no name VS 4b trad
13. no name VS 4a trad
14. no name VS 4a+ trad

This place is called “School” people learn to climb here

high up to 40m
2. trad – HS 5a
3. trad – HS 4a
4. trad – HS 4a
5.trad – HS 4a
6. trad – HS 5a
7.trad -HS 4a
8.trad – Diff 3a
9.trad – Diff 3a

high up to 20m
1. Infecktion 5a+ [4p+A]

high up to 30m
2. Nana (project) ? 8a ? [7p +A]
3. project ???
4 Crak – Diff 4a

high up to 20m