Nature and dangers in Cyprus

Nature and dangers in Cyprus

HOSES -CORPIONS -INSECTS (that is, what threatens life and health.)

There are many species of snakes in Cyprus, spiders, scorpions. On warmer days it is not difficult to find a snake in the tall grass and among the bushes, under the rock it is possible to find a scorpion. They are often places near the rock.
Therefore, be sure to get acquainted with the fauna and flora, because there are poisonous plants here too, you must read to navigate without fear and that you understand nature. And above all, be very careful.
But let's not panic in Cyprus, only one species of snake is actually dangerous to man, it is a Levantine viper and it is difficult to meet, the rest will spoil our well-being for a few days.

ŻMIJA LEWANTYŃSKSA…!!fatal threat!!

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  • Zmija lewantyńska (Vipera lebetina)(ang.BLUNT NOSED VIPER) Very dangerous to humans, luckily, it's rarely seen. Cypriots call her “LIMIT” or “FINA”. Up to 1.4 m long, usually 80 cm. The skin is gray with dark patches of skin with larger scales; active at night (I was seeing during the day); It is most easily recognized by the yellow, horn-shaped tail (this is what the literature says I never noticed that yellow horn). It eagerly approaches human settlements, likes to stay in thick bushes and under stones. After the bite, we have 20 minutes to administer the serum, then there is irreversible damage to the body. Young vipers are the most dangerous because their venom is more toxic and they are very difficult to see (frequent deaths).
    One should be afraid and beware!.

COIN HOSE…!!danger – unhealthy!!


  • Coin Snake (Hemorrhois mununifer)(ang. Coin snake ) it is not a safe one, but its venom is not lethal to an adult, the child will not kill easily either. Her skin is brown and gray, and on the back it has stains like stamped coins, long up to 80cm, slow movement. His bite usually ends in a headache, swelling and three days on sickness.
    Beware, but don't panic

HOSE MONTPELLIER…!!danger – very not healthy!!


Montpellier Snake.(MONTPELLIER SNAKE abbreviated as “Malpon”) The English brought him from France, at the beginning of the 20th century, to deal with the spreading plague of rodents. This snake has a brown or matte gray skin tone, up to 170cm long, but a specimen 2m long was found. Willingly lives where rodents are. Like the coin snake, its venom will not kill an adult human, but it is stronger and after being bitten; the wound takes a long time to heal, swelling, headache and kidney pain, sometimes the liver and we have a sick week.
Beware, but don't panic

Snake whip…!danger – lack – not aesthetic!



  • Snake whip – (Coluber jugularis)( angl. CYPRUS WHIP SNAKE ) The most common snake on the island is the Cyprus Whip Snake, also called the Black Viper – long, up to 2.5 m and even 3.5 m, with black skin, little head. It has a venom that is not dangerous for humans and has panic behavior when meeting a person. One should not be afraid of him. Likes areas overgrown with trees or bushes, he is often near rocks and olive groves. As he will find out, that there are people nearby, he runs away in panic, and if he goes alone into a dead end, he can turn back and slide over the legs of the terrified audience, besides the pleasant view and behavior, it is completely harmless. In May and June you can admire the beautiful mating dances of these snakes, they completely lose their sense of threat during mating season.

DEAD Viper…danger – lack- nice surprise!


Blind Viper. Enough scaring. As a curiosity, I will mention Fr. Viper Blindfold (typhlops vermicularis)(angl.WORM SNAKE). Tiny 2cm to 13cm long! If not for a clear view, that we have to do with a viper you would think, it's an earthworm. Teeth cannot penetrate human skin.
You should post a watch, take a picture and don't touch it!