Paphos District – climbing areas

Paphos District – climbing areas

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W Paphos district we have approx 6 places for climbing (different rocks that someone used to climb), of which four areas have insured roads climbing in constant flights.

Places with insured roads are regions:

where: Ineia & Drouseia TOP
Koło wsi Inia i Drouseia – climbing garden No. 1 Ineia – Drouseia – GERAKOPETRA
Koło wsi Inia i Drouseia – climbing garden no.2 Ineia – Drouseia – KONFETI rocks
Near the village of Inia – climbing garden no.3 Ineia – near the road to LARA
where: Latsi TOP
Near the village Latsi Latsi Canyon – Gorge Petratis
where: valley Diarizos TOP
Right on the road from Paphos to Troodos between villages; Agios Georgios a Kidasi


Map of Paphos District with climbing areas marked:

After the above-mentioned places, there are still areas for self-protection for climbing (not described on our site yet).

These are;

– Rocks Akamas circle Bath of Aphrodite,

– Rocks Petra tou Romiu on the beach at the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite,

– and a gigantic rock massif in the village Bishops – which unfortunately is now closed to climbing.

-The English reportedly climbed north of Drouseia – upper Androlikou Gorge, there are many lonely rocks.

-Additionally, they exist, not moved yet, large rocks near the village Mamountali near the monastery Agia Moni.