Politics – Agios Irakleidos

Politics – Agios Irakleidos

Two rocks in the village of Politiko, they are in an olive grove behind the Agios Irakleidos Monastery. The rock is soft limestone.

The Rocks of Agios Irakleidos is the climbing garden of the Nicosia climbers. These are not impressive rocks but they are not all 20 km from the capital of Cyprus and now have almost 19 insured roads. The valuation of some roads is significantly underestimated because Cypriot climbers are unable to make a starting eaves, overcome this stretch of rock with the help of “ladders”, that is, a board nailed down with “rungs” which always lies somewhere nearby. The hood in the bouldering valuation is 7c + to 8a + and that's what the expensive ones should have, but with a ladder start they have 6a +.


From Nicossia we go to Deftera, then we have permanent signposts for Episkopeio and Politiko.

In Politiko, after driving what we will conventionally call a roundabout, we do not park in the monastery parking lot, and we go down the road and take the first street on the left. We drive around the monastery and the fenced monastery olive grove and park by the gate at what looks like a bunker above. We enter the monastery olive grove where there are rocks.

Officially, the monastery asks for its property to be respected, but so far climbers are not being chased away.

Read markings ;
(no.)= 1. (road name) = Millennium (insurance) [2p + A] = two points (spity / ringi) + downhill ride – Anchor-encore stance.

2. Athens 5b [5p + A]
3. Aris 5c [3p +A]

4. Tosodilla 7a + [3p ]
5.Aremis 7a [3p +A ]
7. Days 6c [4p +A ]
8. poject
9…. new poject ? [4p +A ]
8. Kassandra (with a ladder )= 5a [4p +A]

11. Paris (with a ladder)= 6a [ 3p+ A ]
12. Oraia Eleni (with a ladder)= 5c (no ladder) 6c+ [ 4p +A]
13. Omiros 6a (crack)
14. Odysseas 6b [ 3p + A ]
15. ….?…. 6.c [3p +A]

16. Pinelopi 6b [4p + A ]
17. Tilemahos 6b + [ 3 + A ]
18. Hector 6b [ 4p + A ]
19. Aiantas 7a [ 5p + A ]