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Accommodation in Lublin

Accommodation in Lublin

Lublin has a wide range of accommodation facilities. Every guest will find a suitable accommodation here. From the room in private accommodation, through cheap motels and hostels to luxury apartments in top hotels …



There is no point in pretending, that Zarzis is one of the most exciting cities in the country – the coast north of the city is the newest "tourist belt" in Tunisia.

Money – Banks are concentrated in the city center around Place de la Jeunesse.…

Ksour – Medenine

Both Medenine, and Tatauine are uninteresting modern administrative centers, at the center of the fascinating southern Ksour region.

Ksar is a fortified Berber stronghold consisting of many gorfas (two-, three-story granaries). The Berbers originally built gorfas solely for the storage of grain, but …



Berbers from the Matmata area have been carving houses in the rock because of the scorching sun, which are on average ten meters deep and fifteen meters in diameter. They all follow the same pattern: the center of the establishment is usually a circular patio, dug in depth …



Despite the advertising, that it is the "Gateway to the Sahara", Douz is not crowded with tourists like Tuzar.

There are several money changing banks around the main intersection on the road to Kebili. Opposite them is a general map of the city.

Suk, traditional center …



Nefta stretches thirty-three kilometers west of Tusar, the last town before the Hazua border with Algeria and in many ways a smaller copy of Tuzar. The architecture of both cities is very similar, and in the old town there are buildings with …


TUZAR (Tozeur)

Tuzar is the largest town in the Szottów region, which is a kind of tourist center – a lot of buses and Land Rovers pass through here. To tzw. available Sahara. Even though you have to go to Algeria, to really judge the size of this desert, …