Trekking in Cyprus

Trekking in Cyprus

TREKING and hiking trails in Cyprus



For these, who are going to cross the Island of Aphrodite on their own feet.

This island in the Mediterranean Sea is underestimated by hikers. Yet 8 years ago in 2001 In the year, most of the hikers on the island were, former Israeli kibbutz employees returning to their countries (Italy, Greece, France, former Yugoslavia), who stopped on the way back to Cyprus and actively wandered the island.
Now in 2009 One year you don't see them anymore and tourists from Europe have taken their place (successively with: France, Switzerland, England, Polish, German, Hungarian, Czech, Spaniards, Norway etc.).
Cypriots themselves are not interested in this sport, they found it not interesting because you can't show off in front of women.

The island is perfect for hiking tours, especially in the fall, in winter and spring, that is, between October and April.
The temperature then varies between 15 a 25°C, at night around + 5 ° C, and the average rainfall is low compared to other European countries.
See weather in Cyprus Information!
I advise against trips in the summer, I think, that we are planning to lose weight quickly by dehydration. Summer on the island is the time to lie on the beach.

Trail E4 …………… There is a long distance trail in Cyprus “E4”. Running through almost all the interesting places of southern Cyprus. Through the beautiful landscape, nature, archaeological and historical monuments, and places of culture.
It is part of the European route, which takes off in Gibraltar, then it runs through; Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greek peninsula and the island of Crete, and finally Cyprus.
In Cyprus, the route starts at one airport and ends at another (Pafos – Larnaca) by running the keys (the loops of the trail near Agia Napa, Larnaca, Akamas Peninsula,) from one end of the island to the other and it has a total length of about 550 km!

Guides – brochures……….At the offices of the Cyprus Tourism Organization (CTO) you'll get it for free,
good brochures and guides for trekking routes in Cyprus.
It is the most popular and the best at the same time: “European Long Distance Path E4 and Other Cyprus Nature Trails” . It is described in English, many trails, with maps, a description of the difficulties, etc..
This guide – booklet, shares the E4 route, on 23 episodes, various lengths from 7km to 45km, but the average length of the section is 25 km.
Other routes – nature paths:
The Cyprus Tourism Organization has prepared approx 75 paths nature and short walking routes (not dependent on E4 route).
She divided them into three categories:
– easy route,
– difficult and dangerous route (a slightly exaggerated term),
– very difficult and dangerous – not to go out with the kids (strome stoki).
They are all described in the above-mentioned brochure – guide.
Some of the routes after the description in “European Long Distance Path E4 and Other Cyprus Nature Trails” has no markings in the field, but orientation is not a problem there.

Things to remember while hiking in Cyprus

  1. Hat – with a large brim! (Australia a la Indiana Jons style hat, it is better in the subtropics than a baseball cap. This is practice, not snobbery! I highly recommend airy straw hats in the summer!)
  2. Sunscreen with sunscreen 15 or 20 UTV.
  3. Trekking shoes and trekking sandals (ordinary sneakers fall apart on Cypriot stones).
  4. Good trekking socks.
  5. Light, airy clothing.
  6. Warm clothes that protect against wind and rain.
  7. Women's long skirts, if they want to visit a temple or monastery (of course, as an addition to light clothing for hot weather).
  8. Men long pants – in order to visit temples (of course, as an addition to light clothing for hot weather).
  9. Area maps
  10. Brochure - guide: “Europen Long Distance path E4 , and other Cyprus Nature Trails”
  11. Familiarize yourself with the information about Cypriot nature – threats.
  12. Flashlight.
  13. Mobile phone without simlock (it's good to call home with a Cypriot card and for help)
  14. 1.5l water container per person
  15. Telephone to the Cyprus Forest Inspectorate +357 22 805510


  • Attend trails and paths.
  • Respect private property.
  • Do not destroy signs on the trails (do not add letters).
  • Don't scare wild animals.
  • Do not pick flowers or plants.
  • Have a picnic in designated areas.

So far, Cypriot hunters have been involved in destroying the trails, who fired at signs and information boards,
but lately there have been a lot of inscriptions in different languages ​​on these boards, mostly in English, Greek, German and French, but also in Polish.