Trooditissa - Climbing in Cyprus

Trooditissa - Climbing in Cyprus

In the mountains Troodos not far from the monastery Panagia Trooditissa there is a picnic site called TROODITISSAS REST PLACE – EXCURSION AREA OF TROODITISSA.
There is a stream that created a gorge below the road (lean over the railings to see where it is).

In this ravine in the rock of volcanic gneiss, similar to granite, the climbers from Nicosia insured and led the way 4 lines of climbing routes. It is a nice place for Europeans, is located at an altitude of 1300m above sea level. in beautiful forests, cool in summer. There you can easily meet Cypriot Mouflons and experience the peace of the mountains.

Greek nationalists (a bit fascinating) they painted a lot of graffiti praising their organization there.
Read markings ;
(no.)= 1. (road name) = Millennium (insurance) [2p + A] = two points (spity / ringi) + downhill ride – Anchor-encore stance.

Trooditissa Rock

1.Adio File – 5b [10p + A]
2. And Patrida Tu Ponu – 5b [ 11p +A]
3. Xipnima Psihis – 6a [9p + A]
4. Kalosorises – 5a [9p +A]